“hey you guys hey you guys it’s your girl

caleb b

you know me and i’m coming at you with

another video

yes another video



all right you already know boxy charm

this is not the premium box this is

actually the base box


let’s see what i got in this

okay the base box

is 27.99 per month plus tax and now 1.99

shipping and handling and you know from

the title above or down below that this

is my last

boxycharm unboxing


sadly but it has to go like

has to it’s just too expensive and not

worth it i mean yeah i get like one or

two products that i really really like

and i really really wanted and then the

other ones are just like

like it’s just add-ons like for no


so i just and i don’t really like other

choices like

just no

no so this i am cancelling boxycharm

hopefully it goes through but i’m

canceling boxycharm

last one but i still am going to be

getting ipsy glam bag and then you know

on and off with the live glam so

if you’re into unboxings i am sorry i

know this is my big biggest one

was boxycharm but just

can’t pay for it anymore

i can’t do it it’s not worth it

boxycharm sometimes it’s worth it but

sometimes it’s not and then

i get disappointed like why did i pay

for that when i could have paid for food

like 27.99 plus tax and the standard

that’s like me going out to eat with

just myself

just just getting something like

um chicken wings

mac and cheese and a dessert and drink

that’s basically what that is i could

have substituted that for food

or for supplies

or even to get my hair done

because it’s all my my hair salon um

it’s like monday’s is day that wash and

sets are twenty dollars i could have

gotta wash inside

and some extra stuff like some snacks

and stuff while i’m in there


that’s what this is taking away from

and it’s not worth it it’s not worth it

it’s not worth it

but let’s get into this

after like three minutes of rambling

this is the

theme for

today it’s for this month it’s strut

your runway

real life runway so basically it’s

runway because this month is fashion

week month

um so in new york so i’m excited i i i

didn’t have tickets i didn’t buy the



my friend went and she video me like

everything like i was it felt like i was

there so i lived through her you feel me

i got variation



it is

c22 that’s 2022.09 that’s set as

september and then 13

in ba so i got a variation 13.

i don’t really see a lot of variations

with my product my chosen product

everything had the eye cream which i

didn’t even know is a product to be


i guess that was just added in there for

like the surprise events

i don’t know um

and the wander beauty which got me upset

because i wanted the wander beauty stick

but when i went on there to choose the

product it was only bare

uh nude there’s only one shade

so i don’t know if they changed that

throughout the whole

uh month

the rest of the month that you know they

do choice but i chose my product and i

was just like done and i didn’t look at

it again but i guess they cho they put


shades which just like be like i’m just

like wow

but you know it is what it is i got what

i needed

um i needed a

a new eye cream and a

night cream so it’s like

why not why not

why not

my cat needs me to open the door

there we go so let’s start off with my

choice item the one i told you about is

the avant deluxe hydro uh hydrolonic

acid verifying face and eye night cream

i literally just opened the door for you

this is what it looks like

this retails for 134 dollars a

delightful anti-aging moisturizer for

use on the face and target eye area

formulated with hyaluronic acid that


to deeply nourish your skin it also

combines signature ingredients to help

improve the appearance of enlarged pores

uneven skin tone fine lines dullness and

weakness of skin surface

a hundred and thirty four dollars


i love a big ticket item and especially

avon is a expensive skincare brand do i

know why no but i love avon stuff so

it is what it is

next thing

which is why my box is big

this baby right here this is boxycharm

washing beauty machine this is not worth


you only could get it on boxing website

and you have to be a subscriber to buy


so it’s not worth anything it’s a little

heavy also it doesn’t come with the

batteries i don’t like stuff that don’t

come with the batteries that plus make

it work

oh and it’s also sealed so i’m not going

to use it until i use it for

a video which is why i’m saving it for a

video so i’ll just do that that’s the

only thing i can use it for is for a

video because i read some reviews

and it says it’s a one-time thing a


wonder only one time and period

done finito and this results for forty

dollars i know that for a fact because i

looked that up yeah i was on this it was

in the shop and i was like oh and then

it was there for ten dollars

but it’s forty dollars

it’s forty dollars

for this and a person for reviews we’re

gonna test this out

but i don’t really i wasn’t expecting


didn’t want this

don’t really need this i have like the

mat to already

clean my brushes

so people said it’s good for eyelashes

so i probably can try that

but didn’t really

i wasn’t expecting this

that’s a

0.5 product you don’t know if it works

or not but it’s cool it’s gonna be a

cute video

that’s probably gonna be my last

boxycharm video it doesn’t work this is

my last boxycharm unboxing

the next thing

is this right here this is a repeat


like i said this is the reason why i’m

canceling they always give me repeats

like they well they don’t always this is

just last month

with the natasha nona palette or the

last one that i know before i don’t know

one of them with the natasha nono

palette and now this

i already got this before and i sold it

um this is the seraphine botanicals lip

and cheek


mia surfing botanicals don’t mix um

there’s usually 42 dollars

which is like



no thank you

this is what it looks like it’s like

plastic it’s plastic

this is their original regular packaging

and then here are the shades so the

really shades

like i could

try to use this

as blush like i could use the deepest

one as blush

but i’m not gonna even dry it

i’m just gonna try to sell it again i’m

i’m curry

oh this is crazy

this is freaking crazy

so a bust that’s a zero because i cannot

use it

like i couldn’t use it before

and i will not get any use out of it

like it doesn’t have a deep brown

to use those light colors on my lips

the only place the only color that i

could use is the red color on my cheek

i mean i could mix that with the like

the the neutrally brown one and get like

a terracotta shade but it’s like what

about the pink shade i’m not putting

that on my face

this is useless for me for my complexion

is useless

all right

that again that was

forty two dollars

next thing is a sofia maevel i’ve been

wanting this highlighter powder

for a very long time but i did not know

it was this small


it’s small

it’s small


i didn’t know it was this small

i wish i knew it was this small


get some healthy i have my keys right


there we go

this is peach sangria

satin powder highlight

i’ve been wearing this since

freaking ipsy because this was an ipsy

it looks like it could work for me

and it looks


like it looks gorgeous

and i can’t wait to use that see

one product that freaking


makes me happy

in a choice product that was like eh

i did a backup so why not so that’s like

already half a point

my choice item is half a point

the boxy charm thing that no one else

could get but like

it would be fun to try is half a point

seven botanicals is no point this is one

point it was like

i is a lackluster box

it’s a lackluster box and how much is

the seraphim botanicals

42.42 for that

for that little thing

better be the best highlight ever

the last thing is a belly

but that better be the best



like it is going to be like that

that better be the best highlighter ever

42 dollars

this is what i’m talking about this is

the only thing that makes the box happy

for me is the ace beauty palette i

really don’t like ace beauty formula but

they said that they changed it and i

want to try it out and this is a new


it is really really pretty

i’ve been wanting this see the



it made my day




made my day

everything else was just okay that or


that’s the reason why i’m just

i’m i’m just



here is what the palette looks like

it’s gorgeous

can’t wait to do a review with this

i’ve been really eyeing ace beauty

and i see how they change

and i love their highlighting palette

so yes



oh my bad the highlighting pal the

highlighter was 22. i was reading the

seraphine botanicals instead of sophie

and maybelle okay that makes more sense

22 for that highlighter that makes more




the ace beauty palette it was 32

meaning that my total is



and i paid 27.99 plus tax a


and 59 cents that’s what’s on my bank

account so

that’s how much i paid

um tax varies for the states you guys

know that but anyways that’s how much i

pay for that there’s gonna be more it’s

gonna be like

33 dollars

it’s close to 35 and then i’m going to

be paying for ipsy

and life glam if i i like the the i

think like that’s just too much money

for subscription boxes for makeup when i

have so much makeup and i’m trying to

get through it that’s the reason why we

have shop my stash sundays

this is not worth it for me

i mean i love makeup i still love makeup

obviously i love makeup but it’s just

not worth it for me everyone know what’s

on my face with the huda beauty palette

rose gold you already know remastered

um but you can’t get that shade anymore

from fenty beauty

you know they they switch formulas

they switch formulas also on my face

with the maybelline tinted moisturizer

for foundation and for highlight you

know when i use the hootie beauty

palette i used to hit it bad beauty

palette for highlight too so that’s

what’s on my face today

and the powder you cannot get it anymore

because the becca powder

like everything is discontinued

discontinuing it’s like crazy businesses

are going out of uh out of thing and

then new businesses are rising it’s like

oh it’s like the world’s changing

world is changing and boxycharm is gone

for me

so i hope you guys like this video don’t

forget to hit that subscribe button if

you haven’t already video right here

video here head right here

and always stay safe stay blessed stay




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