“really post office

what goes on there hey guys what’s up

and welcome back so this video is going

to be quick because my baby is napping

and i have no idea how long she’s going

to nap so we are going to try to get

through this really quickly also i have

to say for probably my last like five

videos um something is wrong with my

viewfinder and i’m upside down i have no

idea what if i’m crooked if i’m in frame

i’m just upside down so and if you see

me looking at it it’s because it’s very

distracting all right so if you guys

aren’t familiar with boxycharm i’ll link

it down below um

i’ll link any product i talk about down

below but like i said i want to try to

get through this quickly so uh by the


post office like what the heck goes on

there like i just i just i just want to

know like

i get a lot of damage boxes like one

time i got a boxycharm and i wasn’t even

confident that stuff was gonna be inside

of it like i thought for sure something

was gonna be missing but there wasn’t um

but yeah i don’t know what goes on there

so this month is real life runway strut

your runway

um yeah so i did kind of peek in there

and i think i saw an eyeshadow palette

which is why i only have minimal makeup

on right now i have my

tula tinted moisturizer i am obsessed

with it i just got it at ulta it’s kind

of pricey but i really like it it’s um

i’m 42 so like i need something like i

think it had it said it’s a serum so i

need something like moisturizing

hydrating because of my you know fine

lines um so i did put that on and i have

a little bit of my l’oreal um


and i think that’s it so all right let’s

get into this

um the first thing i’m seeing here this

looks like a skincare product this is

from the brand avant if i’m saying that

properly um this is a shea butter

hyaluronic vitamin b3 seawater sweet


age what are you deluxe hyaluronic acid

viv vivifying face and eye night cream

okay so that’s kind of cool it’s a face

and eye cream

i normally just use an eye cream and

then put on face stuff but this is nice

you can kind of use this all over the


so what does it say on here this says

holy moly

a delightful wait till you guys hear the

price a delightful anti-aging

moisturizer for use on the face and

targeted eye area formulated with

hyaluronic acid that works to deeply

nourish your skin

also combines signature ingredients to

help improve the appearance of enlarged

pores uneven skin tone fine lines

dullness and a weakened skin surface

basically it’s for me like someone

that’s a little you know

in their 40s um oh yeah this thing is


and you’re getting

1.69 ounces holy moly i’m afraid to put

some on my hand to like check it out

because i’ll be using like ten dollars

oh it kind of smells good

so it’s just kind of like it looks

it looks like a cream

oh it smells so good oh my gosh this

feels so good

oh it’s like really hydrating that feels


i am going to be putting that i’ll

probably just set it next to my bed and

apply that like right before i go to bed

i like that

and for 134 bucks it better do

do something right okay the next thing

i’m seeing in here i have no idea what

this is this says transport the saw some

institute it’s got like a purple dot on

it i have no idea what this is okay so i

just thread on the side it says 50

treatment pads


what are you

do they have a nice fresh scent it’s


what do you smell like kind of smells

like cleaner but i like it

uh these are

exfoliating glycolic acid pads gently

exfoliate and treat your skin taking it

to a whole new level transport powered

by mdt5

whatever that is features saturated soft

cotton pads designed to help improve

skin texture

tone clarity and an 8 buffered aha to

gently exfoliate dead skin cells or dead

cells on the skin surface okay that

sounds cool um these retail for 65

dollars did i tell you how many were in


50 yeah 50 of them so

okay cool it’s like getting different

like new skincare stuff in here okay

this next thing i’m seeing this is from

ciate london i really like this brand

this is a fun brand dewy highlight

glossy cheek glow this is what the box

looks like yeah i don’t know if you guys

can see it but since i have the ring

light it literally comes up to here so

like this is all this is all empty right

here as this glow in a tube gives cheeks

a soft champagne champagney shine and a

glass-like dewy finish thanks to

plumping hyaluronic acid and yuzu

extract brightening vitamin c and dragon

fruit extract and nursing vitamin e and

this retails for twenty four dollars

this little itty bitty thing retails for

twenty four dollars

okay well i’m gonna wait i’m gonna try

it on but i’m gonna wait till i get into


palette which i’m gonna pull it out

right now um so we’ll get into the

palette and then there’s one other thing

in there but that way i can use this


so i did see it’s from that ace beauty

it’s that beauty beauty i don’t know i

don’t know how you say it this is a very

familiar brand in boxycharm they use

this brand a lot i actually really like

this brand the palettes are really good

quality and i’m kind of excited because

this one looks like it might be i mean

it’s called violet sage so i’m thinking

it’s gonna have like some purples and

maybe some pinks and i am


good with that so this is so pretty oh

okay this is kind of not what i was

expecting i was kind of thinking more


light purples and this has like some

dark purples and some really pretty


so these are really pretty

i’m really liking this

for you this pink one right here that

purple one oh my gosh i’m trying to look

at the viewfinder and it’s upside down

so nothing is where i think it is

um this purple one’s really pretty

uh yeah these are really pretty i like

that yeah i’m gonna try on a couple of

these and just kind of do a quick little

eye look with it and this retails for 32


and then we’ll try out this highlighter

and then this last thing in here i’m

i’m really excited about it because if

you guys have been watching me for a

while you know that i don’t like dark

lip colors and this looks to me

it’s a tinted

baby’s awake so i’m probably

probably going to go get the baby and

she’s going to be in the video um this

is pink lips tinted lip balm color

fantasy let me open this and then i will

go grab the baby okay that is not what i

was expecting that is kind of ugly

we’ll see all right i’m gonna go grab

her and then we’ll try some stuff on oh

can you say hello

this is gianna

she is eight weeks old and she just woke

up from a little nap

what do you think of that bright light

yeah i think you’re still tired aren’t

you you want to try chilling in your

little seat while mommy does a video


you’re so cute

wiped off my lip gloss and we’re going

to try this on this is not what i was

expecting this is like looks like a


that is so odd

what it looks like

i was hoping for more of a pinky but

it’s definitely brown but it’s not bad

so we are just going to try to try on a

couple of these and then

see how it looks



i’m pretty sure she’s over there pooping

okay so

i just did a little eye look nothing

crazy because she’s kind of fussing over

there i think she wants to eat so

i don’t know if i love the purple

because my eyes are already red because

i haven’t been sleeping properly because

of the because of the baby

so i feel like these colors are making

my eyes look

look even uh more red i’m going to try a

little bit of this highlight

this totally looks like a lip gloss

all right let’s just do a little bit of


she’s gonna have a little snack here

while we talk i will say i really do

like those little dewy those glow drops

what are those things called again


glossy cheek oh it’s a cheap glow that

makes sense i thought it was a highlight

but it’s more of like a blush and it’s

kind of both i really like it sorry if

this video was a bit all over the place

um welcome to having an eight week old

so i’m gonna go through and see what

everything retails for oh and i don’t

think i said but the lip foam this stuff

whatever that is was 12. i’ll put it

down at the bottom like i’ll put it i’ll

insert it when i’m

showing you guys everything but let’s go

through and see what this box is worth

so yeah this box retails for 267 that’s

crazy and i paid 30 for it um

so yeah i would say it’s worth it um i’m

so overall i’m happy with everything i

am excited to try out the skincare items

i love getting new skincare so let me

know what you guys got and if you’re

happy with it and we will see you all in

my next video bye

do you want to say bye

do you want to say bye

can you say bye-bye


she’s not a fan of the light right now

you don’t want to say fun fight she says

no i want food

okay okay