“what’s going on you guys so welcome back

and it’s really great to see you again

and today we have something really cool

so the skincare industry is huge

but i feel like it’s not as well

represented for men so i wanted to share

with you guys

my skincare routine with avon products

and how you could up your skincare game

and by the way avon skincare products

are great for both men and women so

it’s a win for everybody but let’s get

to the most important thing

unboxing the five step routine gift box

so i couldn’t get the camera angled just

right but i hope this works for you guys


this is the five step routine so there’s

several different gift boxes

and each box is a collection of various

items that basically

have a different purpose and this one is

called the five step routine

and this one aims to deeply hydrate skin

and rejuvenate

tired or dull skin so if you’re seeking

revitalized and reinvigorated

skin this is the box so just like the


it comes with five different products

and let’s take a look inside


kind of nervous i feel like i might rip

i’m gonna have to rip this open

yep not the best at

opening things

nice so if you guys can see that

so like i said five different items um

each serve a different purpose

so the first item is the eight hour

retexturing and

anti-oxidizing hyaluronic facial serum

this let’s focus

this is the deluxe hyaluronic acid

vivifying face

and eye night cream so this is a night


also great for your eyes

this is the moisturize surge overnight


i believe this is like another night

cream so instead of using

this night cream you know maybe just

using both every other day

this is the pro intense hyaluronic acid

illuminating day cream

solid moisturizer


and the last item is the hyaluronic acid

molecular boost

eye cream 10 ml

that’s the packaging pretty neat pretty



so that is the box

and these are the items

so overall comes with a good lineup of

items that can complete your skincare


comes with a facial serum an overnight

mask a night cream

a day cream slash moisturizer and an eye


so in the next part i’ll show you how i

incorporate these into my skincare


i’ll start off with a facial serum to

hydrate and smooth out any dark spots

then i’ll apply the eye cream under my

eyes and around it to help reduce dark

circles and fine lines

lastly i’ll finish up with a day cream

to moisturize and illuminate my skin

all day and that’s my morning routine

first things first i use the facial

serum to hydrate and smooth out any dark


next i’ll use my eye cream to deeply

moisturize and help with wrinkles

i’ll finish off by switching between my

anti-aging night cream and overnight

cream to intensively rehydrate my skin

improve skin tone dullness and overall

create a healthy appearance

and that’s my nighttime routine